The Science of Storytelling

Right now is a fun time to be at KAUST because we have something called “WEP” going on for the first 2 weeks of the semester. WEP stands for Winter Enrichment Program, and all of the students and members of the KAUST community are able to attend lectures, workshops, and special events put on by people from around the world.

Last week, I took a workshop called “The Science of Storytelling” hosted by Cinematic Science (check them out atΒ , they are an awesome bunch!) The workshop taught us how to communicate our science through visuals like photos and videos, and the main part of the workshop was producing a short video about some aspect of our research or experiences at KAUST. My team consisted of 6 amazing ladies, all of whom are marine science masters students at this university. We decided to make a clip about what we do as marine scientists, and to show what some actual living scientists look like. We ended up winning the Best Video award at the end of the course, check it out to see what we do as people who research the Red Sea!

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